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Preface of the president of the Flemish Judo Federation

The Flanders Judo Cup will be held for the 11th time this year. What started as a big adventure today has become a fixed value in the world of judo. In a professional manner, we receive delegations from all over the world in collaboration with many loyal partners.

In particular we want to thank Judo Team Agglorex Lommel and the city of Lommel for their loyal cooperation. This event is a unique opportunity for our Flemish judokas to get in touch with the international top.

As the president of the VJF I'm looking forward to welcome you in Lommel.


Kristof Van de putte

President of the Flemish Judo Federation   



Preface of the Major of the city of Lommel

You can’t do judo alone, you always need someone else, a partner in order to come further. ‘Judo is duo’ is a correct saying within this sport.

We, the city of Lommel, want to be that partner. With our excellent sports infrastructure, we offer clubs and their athletes the chance to develop optimally. This is also the reason why the city of Lommel will keep on investing in new and improved sports infrastructure in the future. We want to strengthen our position as a sportive city and we have the healthy ambition to become the sports capital of Flanders. The sports clubs are our ambassadors and the important second man in this duo. As partners we are aiming for the same goals: to give sport an important place in our society!


We also want to be the right partner for the organizers of the Flanders Judo Cup. The city of 

Lommel is very satisfied that the Soeverein Arena can host the 11th edition of the Flanders Judo Cup. During the weekend of the 29th and 30th of October, 800 judoka’s from over 15 different countries will fight for the titles. The event proves that organisers in Lommel get the support they deserve. Lommel wants to keep on growing in sports experience and thinks the Flanders Judo Cup is an important partner to make this ambition come true.


 Peter Vanvelthoven
 Major of the city of Lommel
 Honorary member Flemish Judo Federation



Preface of the organisation

In the run-up to our 11th edition of the Flanders Judo Cup we can proudly say that our slogan: “The Place to be for Champions” is a perfect slogan for our organisation because with a strong international field of 800 judokas from over 15 different countries you need to be a real champion to reach the podium.

The 3 main ingredients are also present to make a perfect organisation. First of all is the Soeverein Arena a wonderful accommodation and secondly Center Parcs facilitates a beautiful athlete village. But the most important are the people behind the organisation.

With the support of the city of Lommel, the sportive ambitions of the Flemish Judo Federation and the experience of the volunteers of JT Lommel, we have a dream team.

Finally, I would like to wish all athletes, coaches and spectators a lot of success and above all

 a very pleasant stay in our hospitable city of Lommel.

 Jean- Jacques Melotte
 Head coach JT Agglorex Lommel
 Honorary citizen city of Lommel